A slow, flowing, intentional style of massage that allows space for and encourages natural unwinding and release without unnecessary force.  A variety of techniques are used including deep tissue, trigger point, myofascial release and Thai massage principles. I also offer fire cupping and gua sha – traditionally used in Chinese Medicine to help with stagnation and tension. While spot-specific cupping can be done during a 60 minute treatment, it is more easily integrated into a 90 minute massage.

***Please note: I am currently only booking appointments at my Southwest office, located near the Zoo:  5319 Southwest Westgate Drive, Suite 242. ***

For Scheduling at Hygeia Healing on SW Westgate Drive either contact me via phone, email or text,  or visit the link below for scheduling.

Schedule Now at Hygeia Healing


1 hour Session: $80

90 minute Session: $105

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